Nina Saxena, Ph.D.
Nina was perfect. She was an angel who touched everyone's life with her care, love, generosity and affection.

She was a complete person. Her stellar intellectual and  extra-curricular acheivements bear a testimony to that. She was a perfect daughter, a perfect wife and a perfect mother. She was the best friend you could lean on. She took away everyone's pain and sorrow and filled their lives with love and happiness.

Words aren't enough to describe the void she has left behind and the irreparable loss this is to her loved ones. We will spend a lifetime coping up with this loss.
Nina Saxena Excellence in Technology Award

he  first of its kind, India-wide Award has been instituted by IIT Kharagpur to commemorate Nina and her spirit of technical excellence. The Award will be open to all Technologists who are Indian Citizens and will be given out every year by a distinguished committee. This award was announced on August 18, 2006 on IIT Foundation day.
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media coverage so far. The nomination forms are available on the official IIT KGP website
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Award 2007 was presented on Aug 18, 2007.
Award 2008 was presented on Aug 18, 2008
Award 2009 was presented on Aug 18, 2009.
Award 2010 was presented on Aug 18, 2010
Award 2011 was presented on Aug 18, 2011
Award 2013 was presented on Aug 18, 2013

The Award is being funded through an endowment of the Nina Saxena Memorial fund. The fund is being collected through IIT Foundation (a non-profit organization and a US 501(c) organization). The donations are thus tax deductible in the US.
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